SEAFRET – Tell Me It’s Real

A young duo from the UK, Seafret (singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper) invokes the spirits of a thousand tortured souls, having experienced lifetimes of missed chances, lost loves and those that got away.  To see these two young men perform with such conviction, they sell the stories they sing hook, line and sinker, yet their youth defies their lyrics.  The songs are written as if they are two old friends in their 90’s looking back over a life littered with the realities of love.  How they discovered the wisdom required to create these songs is a true mystery.  I found myself going back to this record over and over again throughout 2016 after its release.  It is beautiful in its simplicity, profound in its lyricism.  The words throughout this album I dare say will ring true with most everyone, for they sing of experiences we have all had or will have, because a life with love cannot avoid the experiences they share.  The mystery is that it seems an impossibility that they have experienced them all.  There are moments in this album that it seemed as though it had been written for me, to help me understand what I was going through, had gone through, or likely would be facing in my years to come.

This is an impeccable freshman album by two very talented young men.  I have not yet had the opportunity to see them perform outside of YouTube video’s, but can only imagine that they are bound for great success worldwide.  There is not a bad track on this record, making it feel that much more worthy of attention.  Standout tracks for me are “Breathe”, “Oceans” and “Tell Me It’s Real”.  If I were to write an album on the experience of love and relationships and the challenges they present, I could only hope to write something half as good as this one.  There is something raw, real and convincing in their words and their delivery, with music that is at times simple and intimate and the next moment sweeping with sound.  These elements together create an experience that you will find yourself wanting to go back to over and over, singing along and wondering how the hell these two young guys could get it so right in so many ways.  This album will surprise you.

As someone who could have picked from a thousand albums for a first to review, I chose this one because as far as I can tell not nearly enough people know about it.  It does not appear to have broken into the US market like it needs to, and I want to help it do so.  It deserves to be heard and Seafret has created something special with this album.  Please have a listen and let me know whether you agree, better yet, let them know you agree.


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